Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment Overview

Today’s technology is rapidly adopting cloud technology to assist organisations in moving to a cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure to provide flexible, redundant and cost-effective computing on an enterprise level. The main issues associated with this technology is its inherent availability and default configuration, which is often exploited by attackers as they can easily access and attack these services with minor risk of identification.
A compromised account could prove fatal for most organisations as attackers could access resources located in the cloud, and internal resources in hybrid environments.
Cloud computing, by default, does not provide improved cyber security without effort on behalf of the cloud consumer to perform their security responsibilities in securing the cloud. If not properly managed, maintained and configured, it can increase the risk of a cyber security incident occurring.
Cloud consumers need to consider the benefits and risks of cloud computing, including their own responsibilities for securing the cloud and determining whether cloud computing meets their security needs and risk tolerance.

Cloud Security Assessment

Services Key Benefits

1. Assurance that your cloud infrastructures and services are secure enough to withstand cloud-based attacks.
2. Ensuring sufficient logging and controls are in place to mitigate these attacks.
3. Comply with various regulatory bodies who mandate regular Penetration Testing be performed within your infrastructure.
4. Be able to focus efforts on important security issues by identifying the high-risk items identified in the Penetration Testing report.
Our cloud trained consultants can assist in identifying vulnerabilities caused by, misconfigurations, bad practices and systems that are vulnerable to cloud-based vulnerabilities, as well as practical exploitation of a compromised account to highlight poor configurations, controls and password usage. These services allow you to remediate any security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

ScanWave Cloud Service Assessment Typically Include the Following Services:

1. Microsoft Azure Cloud Audit ScanWave Microsoft (MS) Cloud Security Review audits your Azure and Office 365 instances to identify misconfigurations, lack of best practices and secure configurations, allowing you to remediate the vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
2. AWS Cloud Security Review ScanWave AWS Security Review Assessment audits your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and the encased services to identify any vulnerabilities that have been caused by misconfigurations, lack of best practices or insecure configurations.
This allows you to remediate the vulnerabilities before they are exploited by an attacker.
3. Office365 Configuration Review Office 365 and all connected apps, both first and third-party are reviewed to identify various issues. This can include (but not limited to) app misconfigurations, weak security configurations and ‘low hanging fruit’ issues that could be utilized by an attacker to escalate their access or access sensitive information.

Overview of Methodology

Cloud infrastructures vary in size, complexity, technologies, and in approaches to configuration, so ScanWave exact technical approach to each infrastructure may be very different. However, there are certain fundamental areas that are examined, which are as follows:
Discover Identify Cloud assets in dynamic environments.
Assess Use scan templates and deployment models built for cloud providers and cloud-native infrastructure.
Prioritize Prioritize vulnerability remediation based on business risk, using machine learning to correlate vulnerability severity, probability of exploitation and asset criticality.
Remediate From development to operations, prioritize which exposures to fix first, and leverage powerful integrations to optimize the entire vulnerability management lifecycle.
Measure Measure and benchmark cyber exposure to make better business and technology decisions.

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