ComplyWave GRC Platform

ComplyWave GRC Platform


ScanWave delivers advanced technical and summary data in report format. Graphical reports can be generated in HTML or PDF and Excel format using the easy to use graphical web user interface.
ComplyWave GRC platform will help you build governance system for IT, measure maturity of specific focus areas, measure capabilities of IT objectives and report to the board of directors overall governance system performance.
High world-leading organizations around the world demonstrated, growth and sustainability of business results using GRC systems. Best industrial standards & framework’s product solutions ComplyWave helps enables organizations to assess, and benchmark capability and maturity across a range of world-leading standards, frameworks with focus areas and build capability, across them for the below GRC programs:
  • COBIT 2019 Program
  • PCI DSS Program
  • Cyber Security Program
  • ISO 27001 ISMS Program
  • ISO 27017 Could Security Program
  • EU GDPR Program
  • SWIFT CSP Program
  • Risk Assessment & Management Program
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Workforce Management


  • Offers a unique GRC assessment across multiple standards and frameworks for remediation tracking to simplify and implement gaps identified.
  • Prioritizes a customized GRC roadmap based on an improvement plan to mitigate risks and simplify your journey.
  • Provides an evidence-based approach for assessing, optimizing and reporting on capabilities, maturity assessments.
  • Track and report regulatory body regulations and intentional standards, framework requirements in one place.
  • Executive management, BOD dashboards and advanced reporting.
  • Helps organization staff implement world-leading standards and frameworks.
  • Stay ahead of the business and IT critical threats relevant to your business and build board confidence in your GRC program.
  • Issue international & regulatory bodies compliance reporting.
  • Self-Assessment and Consultant Base assessment over GRC platform operated by certified expert team.
  • Implementation guidance across multiple standards and frameworks, continues maturity/capability assessment measurement to track progress.

Customize the GRC Platform to Obtain the Insights You Need

Select Your Self-Assessment or Consultancy Based Assessment

Choose to assess and manage enterprise assessment that encompasses multiple business functions yourself. Benefit from expert consultancy and remediation teams to guide you through the standards and frameworks implementation journey using a simple approach.

Define GRC Industry Standards, Frameworks to Assess & Implement

Managing multiple GRC standards and framework across the enterprise, to be assessed with just a few keystrokes. Keep an eye on gaps identified, remediations tracking covering status, progress reporting and dashboards from the user-friendly enterprise view.

Assemble the Taskforce to Server Multiple Projects

The ComplyWave Platform makes it easy to assign and manage teams to complete the multiple programs in one place, at the spot visualize KPIs, identify gaps deadlines, communicate with assigned taskforce members.

Build Executive Management Board Confidence using Evidence-Based GRC Platform

ComplyWave GRC Platform builds executive management, board confidence by providing an evidence-based assessment that can be validated by the internal customer control departments and teams or via ScanWave expert consultancy team around the globe, build capabilities, and a roadmap for current and target profiles using a risk-based approach.

Executive Management and BOD reporting, dashboards features:

From your enterprise executive management or BOD view, you can quickly and easily export high-level reports and dashboards that help you explain the GRC program status, objectives, KPI’s, Enterprise and IT goals, and investment decisions related to your governance of IT programs.

Powerful Dashboards & Reports

Simplify IT related complex issues in business approachable language
Simplify visuals that demonstrate pragmatic, actionable insights and aligning between business and IT
Executive management & board simple focused dashboards
Demonstrate KPI’s across GRC program for executive & board Level members

Build IT Budget Requests with Confidence

ComplyWave GRC assessments is evidence-based, you can effectively communicate your organization’s critical maturity/capability gaps. This makes it easy for your executive management board to understand how your budget requests align with and target the most significant risks and threats facing your business-critical focus areas in one place.

Unique Alignment with Leading Standards & Frameworks

ComplyWave GRC Platform is a universal consensus model in-the-making. It harmonizes with and helps identify current profile gaps and target capability/maturity level profiles to support the implementation of leading standards and frameworks to reduce, efforts, spending’s, and accelerate time toward compliance for each business function in scope for assessment.

Demonstrate GRC Program Progress over Time with Clear Vision

As ComplyWave GRC platform assessment & engagement with ScanWave expert team will progress you will realize benefits and enhancement in the current compliance status based on the defined roadmap, the reports you generate will reflect your improved progress.
Since you’ll be showing your executive management and board the progress on the same charts and graphs each time you meet, they’ll become more and more comfortable with these consistent reports, dashboards and KPI’s, comprehensive reports, views of your current/target capability and maturity assessment levels will be BOD business as usual activity.

Self-Assessment & Expert Team Assessment at a Glance

Your Risks, Threats & Gaps, Our Solution

ComplyWave GRC threats and risks identified in assessment most relevant to one business may be common across business sectors such as banking, insurance, finical institutions. ComplyWave GRC Platform establishes up front where your focus needs to be to mitigate the risks and threats that matter most to your organization from GRC perspective.

See Results Instantly on Your GRC program Profile

As you fill out the GRC questionnaire, ComplyWave Platform populates your responses into an easy-to-read, interactive company GRC program wizard. The wizard is expandable, editable, and shows at a glance where your organization is most gaps and highlights.

Identify GRC Gaps in Self- Based or Consultant Based Questionnaires

The GRC questionnaire across multiple standards and frameworks makes gaps identification simple and straightforward. You’ll select the specific GRC program to be assessed using self-assessment or consultant based assessment the benefits of ScanWave expert team to provide guidance and help remediate events occurring as a result of various potential programs. Then, you’ll indicate the gaps that each program would have on your organization, should it ever occur.

Set Initial GRC Targets for Capability & Maturity Assessment

Each item on your GRC program is associated with several capabilities and maturity targets that are aligned together. Once you’ve filled out your company profile, programs selection passes, the platform uses that data to walk you through capability/maturity assessments with tips and guidelines until the system will generate initial current and target capability/maturity assessment findings for the enrolled program the results will be itemized and prioritized to highlight capabilities and maturity based on recommend action plan customized to your organization. This makes it easy to see which maturity /capabilities influence your GRC roadmap.

Current Capability/Maturity Measures up Against Target Ones

Once you’ve completed your company profile and activity-based self-assessment or consultant assessment, you can pull measured current and target levels and reports from the enterprise view dashboard. The output is a simple, filterable visual that shows current capability/maturity levels as measured by your assessment next to the capability/maturity targets established by your organization. You can instantly see where you’re at, where you need to be and how far you have to go to get there for each capability/maturity findings and practice for focus areas.

See Capability/Maturity Practice Gaps at a Glance

ComplyWave GRC Platform also allows you to group, filter, or focus in on information intuitively. Practice gap reports organize the information from your self-assessment or consultant based assessment to show you how many controls, requirements, or governance practices aren’t in place for each GRC program focus area.

Remediation Track & Documentation Wizard

Follow a GRC Program Aggregated Roadmap Govern for Your Business

One of the most critical aspects of the ComplyWave GRC Platform is the advanced remediation tracking capabilities and document generation wizard across multiple standards and frameworks using a prioritized based approach focusing on the gaps most relevant to your business.
ComplyWave GRC Platform identifies and prioritizes gaps between the maturity/capability targets determined by organization GRC program profile using self-assessment or consultant based wizards. The remediation and documentation wizard roadmap is designed to help you.
  • 1

    Identify and address your most critical documentation weaknesses.
  • 2

    Develop policy, procedures, and process aimed strategically to improve capability/maturity levels.
  • 3

    Plan manage and support GRC program investments with confidence.

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