Phishing Email Assessment


Phishing Email Assessment

Broad-scale and targeted email phishing attacks are among the most likely type of cyber attack that businesses are having to contend with today. Phishing is a type of fraud in which a hacker attempts to gather personal information or credentials by impersonating a legitimate brand and sending users to a malicious website.
Such emails could be sent in mass to all employees when just one successful exploit is needed to compromise the business’ sensitive data.
ScanWave Phishing Email Assessment simulates both a broad-scale generic email phishing attack or a realistic targeted attack on key employees.
ScanWave Phishing Email Assessment lets you test and educate your employees on how to spot phishing and avoid attacks. Find out what could happen to your organization before the attackers.

ScanWave Phishing Email Assessment will typically include the following fundamental stages:

Targeted Scenarios Discussions with the client, appropriate scenarios are designed. These scenarios will assess the business procedures and effectiveness of awareness training.
Tracked Emails and Responses ScanWave offer phishing simulation tests to identify how employees within the organization respond to a real-life phishing attack. These harmless attacks are sent to provide the best measurement of all user awareness. We’ll then track and report which users have clicked on a phishing email, if they’ve given away their password and who has ignored the email.
Fake Portals Automate the sending of emails with pre-designed template, tracking of responses, and hosting of fake login portals These portals are customized and build to perfectly match any the client may have. These portals are then used to capture the credentials of users.
Awareness Training Phishing assessment results used to provide recommendations for awareness training areas of focus.

What are the risks?

Email Phishing attacks are being highly widespread in every industry. It is one of the most universal forms of cyber threats that can be used to obtain easy access to a business network. Businesses must make employees aware of such phishing attempts, that can be both broad-scale and targeted (most likely on more high-ranking employees).
The ScanWave Email Phishing Assessment is the perfect solution for training your employee and finding the weaknesses in your employees' awareness.

ScanWave Help Your Organization To Be More Secure

ScanWave can help to reduce the risks associated with email phishing attacks by conducting either a large-scale or targeted phishing scenario.
ScanWave have a professional Email Phishing Service that can be used to identify flaws that exist within your team regarding their email phishing awareness. From this assessment you can create professional training protocol, so your employees never fall victim to such attacks.

Phishing Email Assessment Key Benefits

Understand how your security posture can be affected not only by your infrastructure but also by your employees.
  • Email Phishing is the most commonly used type of cyber threat that companies have to deal with.
  • Chose between either a broad-scale generic email phishing attack or a realistic targeted attack on key employees.
  • Many organizations require an email phishing scenario as part of employee awareness training.
  • The results of the assessment can be used to provide recommendations for awareness training area of focus.

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