Social Engineering & Digital Shadow Assessment

Social Engineering Assessment

ScanWave social engineering experts, pen test whether your organization's security controls, people and processes can be bypassed to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data or facilities utilizing the latest techniques. ScanWave penetration testing expert team can seamlessly perform the latest industry techniques at the highest level of professionalism utilizing state of the art in house developed tools and professionally trained personnel to conduct the highest quality Social Engineering in the region.
Social Engineering is a manipulation technique that exploits Security breaches of corporate IT networks and come as a result of a malicious attack from technically competent computer hackers. It is the art of manipulating people, so they give up confidential information which includes your passwords, bank information or access to your network. Using multiple techniques such as phone calls, forged email, physical visits to corporate office. The most popular technique used within social engineering is phishing attacks and consider as the top social attack on businesses, responsible for more than 90 percent of security breaches.

What are the risks?

People and process elements of protection are frequently ignored when the budget is allocated to the Penetration Testing commitments. It is no wonder that the attackers are also aware of this and, looking at some very high-profile attacks, it is clear that the methods of social engineering were used by the attackers as a means of obtaining identification information or accessing physical locations.

ScanWave Help Your Organization To Be More Secure

ScanWave Social Engineering experts are adept at discovering and exploiting operational weaknesses in corporate policies and procedures that can unwittingly lead to unauthorized access to restricted systems.
Using the Open Social Engineering Framework methodology, our consultants can set up a covert Social Engineering project aimed at testing the robustness of your internal systems and provide practical advice on what changes are needed to prevent a real attack succeeding.

ScanWave Social Engineering evaluate and provide the following:

People & Processes

Within all businesses they are more threats to your infrastructure than cyber threats, your people and processes also play a major role. With the Social Engineering Assessment you will understand the Security Threats posed by your People and Processes.

Consistent Assessments

Perform regular Social Engineering Assessments to understand the threat to your business. ScanWave can set up a regular plan allowing consistent assessments, so your security won’t falter.

Design & Perform

ScanWave can design and perform these Social Engineering assessments on your behalf. With years of experience from multiple backgrounds we can set-up a thorough test that reviews multiple factors within your people & processes.

Social Engineering Key Benefits

ScanWave help how your security posture can be affected not only by your infrastructure but also by your employees.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities in your people and processes that allow you to resolve any issues that arise proactively.
  • Improve the security posture to reduce the possibility of a cyber attack against your organization.
  • Comply with various regulatory bodies who mandate regular Social Engineering Testing be performed within your infrastructure.
  • Be able to prove to your supply chain that you are taking the necessary precautions to ensure your strong security posture.
  • Be able to focus efforts on important security issues by identifying the high-risk items identified in the Social Engineering report.

Digital Shadows Assessment

Digital shadows refer to the information that a person leaves behind unintentionally while taking part in daily activities such as checking their e-mails, scrolling through social media or even by using their debit or credit card.
Digital Shadow services enable organizations to exploit social, cloud and mobile technologies whilst keeping security and reputation intact from data loss and targeted cyber-attacks. Information that helps hostile groups find weak points and launch targeted cyber-attacks. Information that can seriously damage your brand. Information that can put your key employees at risk.
Perimeter walls that once protected an organization's sensitive data cannot cope with the ever-expanding trail of information exposed on the Internet by its employees, suppliers and partners.
The digital shadow: unintentionally exposed personal, technical or organizational information that leaves your business vulnerable. Information that is confidential, sensitive or proprietary.
ScanWave help to minimize digital risk by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats by continually identifying where your assets are exposed.
  • Public emails and data posted in public, social media , google, LinkedIn accounts can leak information and important data for potential attackers.
  • Emails posted in public can lead to a massive phishing attacks , email brute force and identity theft.
  • Metadata and hidden information in the documents using the possible search engines: Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo can also leak information data.
  • DNS Search: each domain is checked to ascertain which are the host names configured in NS, MX, and SPF servers to discover new host and domain names.
  • Web Search: searches for hosts and domain names through URLs associated to the main domain. Each link is analyzed to extract from it new host and domain names.

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