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Live Malicious Attacks-Based Alerts

Analysts appear to suffer from alert fatigue on a regular basis. Alerts based on broad definitions can result in a large volume of false positives and a lot of extra noise Inside a security operations center (SOC), easily distracting everyone on the front lines.
WatchWave must improve their ability to detect and react to targeted attacks and breaches. In a WatchWave, behavior profiling, threat intelligence, and analytics will increase detection effectiveness by a factor of ten.
Risk-based alerting, in particular, is a technique that can help assign risk to users and organizations, activating an alert if those thresholds are surpassed.
SOCs will then improve threat hunting by lowering the number of warnings while raising the number of true positives while also revealing more subtle attacks that conventional correlation searches have missed, this frees up time and money to focus on real threats and align operations wit industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Cloud, Financial & Banking App Advanced Security

Businesses have begun to migrate to the cloud at an astonishing speed as cloud adoption continues to grow. However, as more businesses migrate to cloud infrastructures, the need to update and execute a cloud strategy becomes more urgent. And migration's technological difficulties are just one of the obstacles an enterprise will encounter on the path to cloud nativity.
In their rush to beat the market, teams will ignore general security criteria while they pursue digital initiatives. This increases risk, especially if the organization is not up to date on network controls, access management systems, or cloud configuration options. Because of this, as well as a widening attack surface and a lack of visibility, a breach is inevitable.
You can start your cloud migration journey smoothly and securely if you have the right resources. Out-of-the-box cloud security monitoring content should be included in a solid WATCHWAVE solution, making it even easier to identify and respond to threats in hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.
This also involves advanced cloud attack mitigation guidelines and a wide cloud attack set to test and develop cloud detections on a regular basis.

SOC GRC Compliance Reporting

The days of the average analyst configuring their own dashboards, rules, or searches are long gone. Regardless of legislation or regulatory process, vendors are also required to address enforcement criteria and assist consumers in staying ahead of those mandates and passing audits with minimal effort.
Previously, this was much easier said than done, but thanks to out-of-the-box compliance reporting, users can easily log and report on incidents while still validating existing controls, reducing the organizational overhead required to demonstrate compliance requirements.
This form of easily accessible, functional, and appropriate content will help to improve a company's security posture. Better still, it enables them to comply with regulations and pass security audits in a timely manner.
As a result, an increasing number of security executives are looking toincorporate compliance analytics and reporting, as well as compliance-specific content.

Custom Parsing & Deployment

When it comes to WatchWave parsing of any type of logs or deployment, there are now a variety of options available. Organizations want to mix and match equipment and applications to create functional stacks that work with their current infrastructure, allowing for scaled implementations.
Physical and virtual appliances, containers, and private or public cloud implementations (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Google, and Azure) are some of the form factors that security teams may experiment with for on-premise deployments.
The benefit of this type of code-to-cloud visibility is that cloud operations and security teams have a better understanding of how applications operate, what security decisions were made during development, and the details needed to quickly resolve incidents.

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