Why Customers Choose ScanWave Platforms

Accelerate Digital

Transformation program

ScanWave’s Platform includes everything you need to ensure your digital transformation program succeeds. Whether you're just starting to digitize, or you were already in the cloud, improve and innovate with confidence with purpose-built solutions driven by AI and advanced machine learning for cyber threats.

Build Cyber Security

Business Resilience

Managed cyber security operations services operated by an expert team that predicts, identify, and solve problems in real-time. Answer questions across business, IT, and cyber security functions with a world-class next-generation platform capable to visualize and present cyber threats and attacks.
Monitor and Response Cyber Threat & Attacks across your organization

Reduced Business Downtime

Maintain mission-critical, payment, banking applications and security infrastructure up and running

Optimize the Risk of Cyber Attacks & Data Leakage

Enhance and Build Robust cyber defenses

Customized and Parse New Apps Faster

Monitor apps from cyber-attacks faster meet time to Market deadlines

Protection, Visibility Cyber Attacks & Threats

ScanWave Platforms is the only platform that allows you to Identify, Detect, Protect, monitor, analyze and response with...

Support Different Structure

Whether structured or unstructured, ScanWave Platforms is able to ingest any text- based data without requiring you to organize it first we have fastest parsing capabilities.

Any Source,Destinations AI Analyzes

Monitor data from anywhere — whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, from any systems, network, application and security devices using AI technology.

Any Timescale

Investigate and response on data fast and seamlessly whether it's streaming now or historical using intelligent event colorations and CSOC orchestration

CSOC Orchestration

Support a broad range of managed cyber security operations center orchestration using AI actions to protect the business. Automate actions based on AI-driven decision-making and simplify collaborative responses across teams.

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